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Sam Jones, aka Flash Gordon, in My Chauffeur (1986).

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。☆。*。☆ Tripendicular Deborah Foreman 。☆。*。☆

Very cool.

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"My, my, it’s hot. But thank God it’s not sticky. I just hate it when it’s sticky. Listen to silly me. A sticky desert. That’s as foolish as a… an intelligent woman. How ridiculous. What nonsense. God, I miss Tara." —Casey Meadows (Deborah Foreman) in My Chauffeur (costarring Sam Jones)

My favorite part…it always makes me laugh.

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My Chauffeur starring Deborah Foreman (Valley Girl) and Sam Jones (Flash Gordon)

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My Chauffeur starring Deborah Foreman

My Chauffeur starring Deborah Foreman

My Chauffeur—Anyone remember this film?  Seems that a lot of people aren’t familiar with this movie, but I always liked it. Maybe I just had a girl-crush on Deborah Foreman.  She was so cute/cool in this movie.  Check it out if you’ve not seen it.

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